Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stop Nickel & Diming Toronto Residents to Death Says Mayoral Candidate JP Pampena

Toronto - Mar. 24 2010 - One of the biggest challenges that the next Mayor of Toronto will face will be to balance the city’s budget while tackling the city’s growing deficit which is currently estimated at 3 billion dollars and growing.

“Over the last few weeks, Torontonians through the media have been subjected to the same old “nickel & dime” ideas put forth by a number of the mayoral candidates on how best to do that,” states mayoral candidate and executive vice president of JP Public Relations Inc., JP Pampena.

But these candidates again are simply displaying small-minded thinking with their small scale solutions like for instance establishing toll bridges right smack in the middle of the Gardiner Expressway and Hwy 427 juncture. According to Mr. Pampena this is one of the stupidest and asinine ideas that he has ever heard which once again targets the taxpayers’ wallets.

However, for “The Man With the Vision”, JP Pampena, what Toronto really needs in its leader is the foresight to see the larger picture in order to put forth a solid game plan that would stop punishing the taxpayers of the city once and for all and which will raise greater revenues to cover the cost of running the city as well as funding special projects such as TTC expansion, heated roads on the highway, incentive programs to bring businesses back to the city and job creation programs just to name a few.

“These are some of the components that Toronto needs that would make it a first-class city,” indicates Mr. Pampena.

As far as Mr. Pampena is concerned, the solution to Toronto’s financial problems, which he continuously stresses, is right under our noses, that is getting the City of Toronto listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Sounds far-fetched? Maybe, but that is exactly what sets Mr. Pampena apart from his opponents.

In fact, Mr. Pampena, who has discussed this idea with key people at the TSX and the Toronto Board of Trade, has raised a number of eyebrows but overall has received positive support of his proposal with many commenting that it is an interesting and intriguing concept that definitely merits further discussion.

Under Mr. Pampena’s proposal, Toronto could potentially become one of the wealthiest cities in the world. This could not only put an end to the constant picking of taxpayers’ pockets much as the current regime is once again doing with their implementation of a 2.9% tax hike this year, but more importantly would establish a long term and ongoing solution to raise the badly needed dollars to efficiently run our city for many generations to come by opening the doors to international investors.

For further commentary, media may contact Mr. Pampena through the offices of JP Public Relations Inc. at 416-638-4995.

Special Note: Mr. Pampena and his staff have been invited to Concillor Rob Ford’s 10th Anniversary Event on Friday March 26, 2010 and will be attending the event.

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