Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Man With the Vision Claims Chinese Consulate Shows Its True Bias in Mayoral Race

Toronto - Jun. 9 2010 - Shame on the Chinese Consulate for meddling in Toronto’s mayoralty race for not only inviting mayoral candidate George Smitherman to a mayors’ forum in Shanghai but for footing the bill for his presence there. But, more importantly, shame on Smitherman, who has arbitrarily made himself de facto mayor of Toronto, even before the votes are in.

“Just who does Smitherman think he is?”, exclaims mayoral hopeful Joseph “JP” Pampena, the “Man With the Vision”. “And where is our spineless leader, David Miller in all this? As Mayor of Toronto why is he not speaking out against this fraudulent impersonation by Smitherman in attending this forum in China when he clearly does not have mayoral status? Who is Smitherman trying to fool – the people of China or the voters of Toronto?”

Mr. Pampena believes this to be nothing other than a publicity stunt engineered by Smitherman and his camp to psychologically influence people’s perception in believing that he is the people’s choice when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, according to an informal people poll undertaken by Mr. Pampena’s PR firm, Smitherman is trailing in third place behind Rocco Rossi and Rob Ford.

Mr. Pampena further questions the optics behind this invite and asks, “Is Smitherman trying to buy votes from the Chinese community and what is he going to have to give up in return should he ever become Mayor”.

“I have been calling the Chinese Consulate all day for my invite,” states Mr. Pampena. “But as of yet I have been unable to reach anyone by phone for any comments whatsoever on why this preferential treatment is being given to George Smitherman”.

Mr. Pampena vows to bring this issue up with the taxpayers of Toronto for their opinion during his “JP for Mayor Summer Street Tour”, which begins on Tuesday June 15th, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. outside in front of Union Station facing the Royal York Hotel.

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  1. Hi JP, Thanks for the info. Just goes to show how much respect politicians hve for us voters/tax/rate payers.