Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Man With the Vision’s Mayoral Street Tour of Toronto To Be Postponed

Toronto - Jun. 14 2010 - We would like to inform all our media friends that the “JP for Mayor Summer Street Tour” which was to begin tomorrow Tuesday June 15, 2010 has been postponed due to the security restrictions and event preparations happening downtown surrounding the G8 and G20 Summits.

New dates and locations for JP’s Summer Street Tour will be announced shortly.

Man With the Vision Claims Chinese Consulate Shows Its True Bias in Mayoral Race

Toronto - Jun. 9 2010 - Shame on the Chinese Consulate for meddling in Toronto’s mayoralty race for not only inviting mayoral candidate George Smitherman to a mayors’ forum in Shanghai but for footing the bill for his presence there. But, more importantly, shame on Smitherman, who has arbitrarily made himself de facto mayor of Toronto, even before the votes are in.

“Just who does Smitherman think he is?”, exclaims mayoral hopeful Joseph “JP” Pampena, the “Man With the Vision”. “And where is our spineless leader, David Miller in all this? As Mayor of Toronto why is he not speaking out against this fraudulent impersonation by Smitherman in attending this forum in China when he clearly does not have mayoral status? Who is Smitherman trying to fool – the people of China or the voters of Toronto?”

Mr. Pampena believes this to be nothing other than a publicity stunt engineered by Smitherman and his camp to psychologically influence people’s perception in believing that he is the people’s choice when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, according to an informal people poll undertaken by Mr. Pampena’s PR firm, Smitherman is trailing in third place behind Rocco Rossi and Rob Ford.

Mr. Pampena further questions the optics behind this invite and asks, “Is Smitherman trying to buy votes from the Chinese community and what is he going to have to give up in return should he ever become Mayor”.

“I have been calling the Chinese Consulate all day for my invite,” states Mr. Pampena. “But as of yet I have been unable to reach anyone by phone for any comments whatsoever on why this preferential treatment is being given to George Smitherman”.

Mr. Pampena vows to bring this issue up with the taxpayers of Toronto for their opinion during his “JP for Mayor Summer Street Tour”, which begins on Tuesday June 15th, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. outside in front of Union Station facing the Royal York Hotel.

Mayoral Candidate and Man With the Vision Takes to the Streets of Toronto

Toronto - Jun. 2 2010 - Mayoral hopeful Joseph “JP” Pampena announces he and his team will be taking it to the streets to gauge what the people of Toronto expect from their new Mayor.

Mr. Pampena and his entourage of supporters will be starting a 12-week city wide tour to speak directly with the taxpayers and residents of Toronto regarding the issues they want addressed for their city.

“My goal is to have a better understanding of the wants and needs of the taxpayers of Toronto and how they would like their money to be spent,” states Mr. Pampena. “I want to meet with as many real people as I can on this 12-week summer street tour so I can deliver on the services that Torontonians expect from their next mayor”.

The JP for Mayor Summer Street Tour will kickstart on Tuesday June 15th, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. outside Union Station facing the Royal York Hotel.

“On this tour we will be taking the pulse of the people and conducting our own people poll to hear their opinions, their concerns and the issues they want their new Mayor to tackle,” explains Mr. Pampena.

Mr. Pampena’s ultimate goal with his people tour will be to unveil a collaborative vision of Toronto, that will be truly designed “by the people for the people”

For further details on the itinerary for the JP for Mayor Summer Street Tour, the media may contact the offices of JP Public Relations Inc. or log on to More importantly be sure to vote Joseph “JP” Pampena for Mayor on October 25, 2010.

P.S. Mr. Pampena would like to extend his appreciation to all his media friends who came out to cover last night’s Better Ballots’ mayoral debate at U of T.

Habitat For Humanity Executives Overlook the Disabled

Toronto - May 12 2010 - Mayoral candidate JP Pampena, “Man With the Vision”, is very disappointed in Habitat For Humanity, an organization that is supposed to be acting on behalf of the less fortunate and yet they had no individual on the panel of their mayoral debate last evening to represent the disadvantaged, disabled and handicapped citizens of Toronto. Nor did they have a designated section for the disabled and handicapped at their event.

“I am extremely disappointed in Habitat, an organization that presents itself as helping the disadvantaged in our society but whose actions in this regard are hypocritical,” states Mr. Pampena.

Mr. Pampena made his views known to Neil Hetherington, CEO of Toronto’s Habitat for Humanity last week on just this very issue. However, to no avail Mr. Hetherington did nothing to enhance the credibility of his organization when he did not even attempt to have someone on the panel to represent what his organization stands for even after Mr. Pampena brought this concern to his attention.

In Mr. Pampena’s opinion, Habitat for Humanity should be ashamed of themselves and suggests that people should think twice next time they pull out their wallet to donate to the organization. In fact, Mr. Pampena is all fired up at the way the disabled are constantly denied opportunities and their issues overlooked and vows to take up the banner on their behalf and go on a rampage to investigate if there is true equality for the disabled in our City.

Mayoral Candidate's TTC Suggestion Box Idea A Hit

Toronto - May 3 2010 - Join JP Pampena, mayoral candidate, “Man With the Vision” for his comments during this evening’s repeat telecast of yesterday’s final TTC Union Town Hall Meeting at Ryerson School Theatre on the Rogers Cable Network, Channel 10 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

We would also like to extend our special thanks to Spider Jones from Newstalk 1010 for his one hour interview with the “Man With the Vision” as well as Tom Godfrey for today’s Toronto Sun coverage of Mr. Pampena’s attendance at yesterday’s meeting.

“Man With the Vision” to Guest on the Spider Jones Show This Sunday

Toronto - Apr. 30 2010 - Mayoral candidate, JP Pampena, running under the slogan “Man With the Vision” will be appearing on the highly-rated Spider Jones Show on Newstalk 1010 this Sunday, May 2nd 2010 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Therefore, tune in this Sunday for an intimate conversation with JP Pampena, hosted by the “Prince of the Airwaves” none other than the lovable one, Spider Jones, discussing his mayoral platform and why he would be the best mayor for this City.

If you would like to ask Mr. Pampena any on air questions, please feel free to call in to Spider’s Show on Newstalk 1010 this Sunday at 416-872-1010 during his one hour interview.

For more on the “Man With the Vision” log on to his blog and more importantly be sure to vote JP Pampena for Mayor on October 25, 2010.

P.S. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of JP’s supporters who came out to the CP24 studio interview that took place on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010.

Thumbs Down To Bike Lane Pilot Project Says Mayoral Candidate

Toronto - Apr. 14 2010 - Once again the issue of peaceful co-existence between bikes and cars on Toronto’s roads has reared its ugly head with yesterday’s bonehead announcement of the city’s proposed 12-week pilot project to test segregated bike lanes on main arterial roads such as University Avenue.

Mayoral candidate, JP Pampena, the “Man With the Vision”, says this is a recipe for disaster that would punish city drivers with more gridlock and increase safety concerns for all users of the roads. For Mr. Pampena, putting bike lanes – segregated or not – on main arterial roads is simply a further attack perpetrated on motorists by car-phobic councilors.

However, if this is to become the new reality in the 21st century, then according to Mr. Pampena, when he becomes Mayor, bicyclists will be required to be licensed and insured if they wish to use Toronto’s main arterial roads. In other words, just like motorists, bicyclists will have to pay a bicycle registration fee and in addition must carry proper liability insurance.

“Nobody will be getting a free ride in this city when I become Mayor,” states Mr. Pampena.

“Bicyclists who insist on having the right to use our main arterial roads will be paying their fair share just like motorists who already pay dearly for this privilege,” emphasizes Mr. Pampena.

“If bicyclists want the same rights as motorists, then they should abide by the same rules and be subject to being charged for any road violations just like motorists,” Mr. Pampena further states.

With over 20% of the population (388,000) being utilitarian cyclists, according to a 1999 Decima study, and using the same Vehicle Registration Fee of $74, Mr. Pampena calculates this would generate approximately 28 million extra revenue dollars per year for the City of Toronto.

“Not bad as extra pocket change,” states Mr. Pampena.

TTC Union's First Town Hall Meeting A Hit With Riders

Toronto - Apr. 12 2010 - Mayoral candidate, JP Pampena, who attend the TTC Union’s first town hall meeting in Downsview yesterday April 11, 2010 wishes to congratulate Bob Kinnear and his members on doing an excellent job listening and addressing concerns raised by riders at yesterday’s “Let’s Talk” public forum.

Although, attendance was less than anticipated, it was encouraging to see the TTC Union receptive to what riders had to express about their experience with Toronto’s transit system. Many issues ranging from inconsiderate passengers who take up the seats reserved for disabled persons to outdated technology and the need for increased overall funding were just a few of the issues expressed at this meeting.

Speaking to the first issue on the misuse of disabled seating on buses and met with applause from the audience, Mr. Pampena, who himself is visually impaired, offered the simple solution of putting a special symbol on TTC passes for easier identification of disabled persons who should have access to those seats.

According to Mr. Pampena, it was refreshing to hear endless apologies not only from the frontline workers on stage but also from the union brass who recognized that they needed and can do better for their customers. However, Mr. Pampena would like the union to prove their sincerity and offers his suggestion of a Customer Appreciation Day as a way to restore public sentiment and respect between the TTC workers and its riders. This one day would involve free TTC service to all its riders, the cost of which would be offset by having the 10,000 TTC members give up their wages for that one day.

“As to the lack of adequate funding emphasized by union boss, Mr. Kinnear, once again as I have been indicating all along, my solution would be to list the TTC on the Toronto Stock Exchange,” indicates Mr. Pampena. “This would give the public, riders and non-riders alike, a stake in our city’s transit system by allowing them the opportunity to invest in it.”

“This unique idea would not only easily raise the 2 billions dollars required to operate the system but more importantly could potentially generate a surplus of dollars which then could go into bringing the transit system into the 21st century with better technology and the funding to expand the service,” adds Mr. Pampena.

The Guardian Angels May Soon Be Back in Toronto, States One Mayoral Candidate

Toronto - Apr. 7 2010 - Sadly just in the past week alone, Toronto has once again experienced youth crime with two stabbings, one of them fatally, within school vicinities. For this reason, if mayoral candidate JP Pampena has his way, Toronto will once again see red berets popping up in and around school areas throughout the city.

JP Pampena, executive vice president of JP Public Relations, who represented The Guardian Angels back in 2006, has initiated talks with Curtis Sliwa, founder of The Guardian Angels about bringing back their patrols to Toronto schools to help combat youth violence and to present their anti-bullying programs to students throughout the city.

“Who better than The Guardian Angels to help improve the safety of our students in the hallways and schoolyards of our schools, especially with their world-renown anti-bullying programs,” states Mr. Pampena.

“And when I am elected Mayor of Toronto, one of my main goals will be to lower crime stats, especially youth crime, by establishing relationships with organizations such as The Guardian Angels, who can bring over 31 years of practical experience to our city,” continues Mr. Pampena.

Mr. Pampena points to Washington as a good example of the type of partnership that city has with The Guardian Angels organization to the extent of opening the doors to training facilities and establishing a cooperative relationship with the city’s police force whereby The Guardian Angels are provided with a direct link up with the police through remote control radios.

Mr. Pampena’s intent would be to establish a similar partnership here in Toronto with The Guardian Angels when he becomes mayor. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Stop Nickel & Diming Toronto Residents to Death Says Mayoral Candidate JP Pampena

Toronto - Mar. 24 2010 - One of the biggest challenges that the next Mayor of Toronto will face will be to balance the city’s budget while tackling the city’s growing deficit which is currently estimated at 3 billion dollars and growing.

“Over the last few weeks, Torontonians through the media have been subjected to the same old “nickel & dime” ideas put forth by a number of the mayoral candidates on how best to do that,” states mayoral candidate and executive vice president of JP Public Relations Inc., JP Pampena.

But these candidates again are simply displaying small-minded thinking with their small scale solutions like for instance establishing toll bridges right smack in the middle of the Gardiner Expressway and Hwy 427 juncture. According to Mr. Pampena this is one of the stupidest and asinine ideas that he has ever heard which once again targets the taxpayers’ wallets.

However, for “The Man With the Vision”, JP Pampena, what Toronto really needs in its leader is the foresight to see the larger picture in order to put forth a solid game plan that would stop punishing the taxpayers of the city once and for all and which will raise greater revenues to cover the cost of running the city as well as funding special projects such as TTC expansion, heated roads on the highway, incentive programs to bring businesses back to the city and job creation programs just to name a few.

“These are some of the components that Toronto needs that would make it a first-class city,” indicates Mr. Pampena.

As far as Mr. Pampena is concerned, the solution to Toronto’s financial problems, which he continuously stresses, is right under our noses, that is getting the City of Toronto listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Sounds far-fetched? Maybe, but that is exactly what sets Mr. Pampena apart from his opponents.

In fact, Mr. Pampena, who has discussed this idea with key people at the TSX and the Toronto Board of Trade, has raised a number of eyebrows but overall has received positive support of his proposal with many commenting that it is an interesting and intriguing concept that definitely merits further discussion.

Under Mr. Pampena’s proposal, Toronto could potentially become one of the wealthiest cities in the world. This could not only put an end to the constant picking of taxpayers’ pockets much as the current regime is once again doing with their implementation of a 2.9% tax hike this year, but more importantly would establish a long term and ongoing solution to raise the badly needed dollars to efficiently run our city for many generations to come by opening the doors to international investors.

For further commentary, media may contact Mr. Pampena through the offices of JP Public Relations Inc. at 416-638-4995.

Special Note: Mr. Pampena and his staff have been invited to Concillor Rob Ford’s 10th Anniversary Event on Friday March 26, 2010 and will be attending the event.

Man With the Vision Claims Media Not Playing Fair With All Mayoral Candidates

Toronto - Mar. 17 2010 - JP Pampena, executive vice president of JP Public Relations and “Man With the Vision” mayoral candidate, accuses some of the media of being biased as demonstrated by their choosing to cover only and only certain “favourite” candidates to the exclusion of all others. According to Mr. Pampena the media continues to provide coverage only of the same old names, giving us the same old spiel and feeding us the same old crap we keep hearing over and over from scores of politicians. Mr. Pampena is calling out the media to stop their hypocrisy and discrimination and open up the floor equitably to other candidates.

These are the same media reporters who on the one hand report that Torontonians are looking for change and “new blood” to lead their city yet they continue to promote the same old boys club of politicians (albeit there is a token female in the mix) that all sound the same and will deliver the same old tired solutions to the issues facing our city.

According to many of his supporters, Mr. Pampena is the most creative and innovative of all the other candidates combined. Although blind, he is a true visionary thinker who without a doubt would be the best man for the job. In fact, according to City Hall they are more than ready for a blind mayor, so Mr. Pampena’s blindness would be no detriment to his ability to effectively run the city. As a successful business man, Mr. Pampena has a corporate “think outside the box” mind and prides himself on having more vision than most sighted people. Most importantly, Mr. Pampena has gone on the record with concrete solutions to many of the issues facing the city unlike many of the other candidates who keep dancing around the issues but yet who offer no answers for those problems despite all the coverage they keep getting.

Mr. Pampena disagrees with all the other candidates with their proposed solutions on many city issues such as bike lanes, privatization of services and management of the city’s finances. And Mr. Pampena is willing to put his solutions to the challenge with all other candidates in a head to head debate.

Mr. Pampena is a focused speaker that does not need a script and who thinks best on his feet. With his background as a PR agent, he has a creative mind, flamboyant personality complete with style and class. As commented by one local radio talk show host who better than a PR agent to best represent the city of Toronto and to bring it back to its world-class status.

But the public may never be made aware of this. Why? Because the media continues to focus on a handful of candidates like a gay ex-MPP who under his watch squandered over a billion dollars of taxpayer money, a councillor who hypocritically supports casinos while running on a crime-fighting binge in his ward, a woman candidate who seems to receive attention only because of her gender and a deputy mayor who will perpetuate the mentality of the current regime . And yet the other 20 plus candidates are totally ignored and shut out of receiving their fair share of media attention.

This is typical of the Canadian media who are a total farce and worse than the politicians they are kissing up to. Take for example one particular talk show host who on his “live drive” show would rather invite a councillor who slandered him for being a “3-time loser” than to welcome and give one of the lesser known mayoral candidates the opportunity on his show to introduce their platform to the voters.

“If the media really wants to do justice to the public and help Torontonians elect the best candidates to lead their city, then they need to step up to the plate and provide the other candidates with equal time and opportunity to express their ideas on how they would lead the city. After all, we just may have the perfect Mayor-in-waiting amongst these other candidates,” states Mr. Pampena.

So if the media doesn’t straighten out their act they may ultimately doom Torontonians to a council made up of the same old players with the same old tired ideas and worse who show total disdain for the people they are meant to serve as demonstrated recently by the likes of Councilor Paula Fletcher, a true Millerite. Therefore, we challenge the media to stop the favouritism and give all candidates equal time so the public can make a more informed choice on election day.

With the myriad of serious issues affecting the city, the last thing Toronto needs right now is the same old, same old type of leadership at the helm.

"Man With the Vision" Joins Locked Out Workers on the Picket Line at Woodbine

Toronto - Mar. 1 2010 - JP Pampena, mayoral candidate, is planning to meet with some of the locked-out workers on the picket line at the Woodbine Racetrack tomorrow Tuesday March 2, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

“My objective is to go out and speak to these workers regarding their issues and hope that a mutually beneficial settlement between both parties can be achieved in short order as with labour strife there never are any real winners,” states Mr. Pampena.

Mr. Pampena will also be available for media comments.

Mayoral Candidate Weighs In On Designating the TTC As An Essential Service

Toronto - Feb. 24 2010 - With the TTC still very much the focus of public debate over the past few weeks, it is no surprise that talk turns to designating the TTC as an essential service. And with the introduction of a private members’ bill by MPP David Caplan calling for such a designation, this issue warrants a good public debate amongst the mayoral candidates.

One mayoral candidate, JP Pampena, the “Man With the Vision” agrees that designating the TTC as an essential service may not be such a bad idea for the simple fact that taxpayers and citizens should no longer have to endure any inconvenience with the disruption of a service they are ultimately paying for and depend on.

“Eliminating TTC strikes means more than just an end to inconvenience for riders. It means an end to losses for businesses due to employee absences and an end to losses for people unable to get to their jobs and ultimately an end to losses for governments in lost tax revenues,” states Mr. Pampena.

However, to combat legitimate concerns that deeming the TTC an essential service would come with higher arbitrated wage settlement costs, Mr. Pampena proposes that such a designation should come with one condition, namely that the province should be willing to kick in with funding dollars if wage settlements exceed cost of living expense increases.

“At the end of the day, it simply comes down to the fact that Torontonians should no longer be held hostage by TTC labour disputes,” claims Mr. Pampena.

Mr. Pampena welcomes and challenges his fellow opponents to an open debate on this very important issue and promises to make this an election issue in his campaign.

Mayor Miller Once Again Sticking It To The Taxpayers of Toronto

Toronto - Feb. 17 2010 - It comes as no surprise that Toronto’s 2010 budget unveiled yesterday by exiting Mayor Miller means taxpayers have to once again pony up with another tax increase. Once again, Torontonians have been subjected to a reckless council whose only solution to balancing the budget is to attack the wallets of already overburdened taxpayers.

Once again, we have been delivered a budget with no ingenuity, no budget cuts, no claw back of councilor pay increases and perks, no long term planning, and no thinking outside the box at all. It’s just another feeding frenzy for an unimaginative and irresponsible administration headed by an arrogant Mayor with a tax and spend agenda.

What we did not hear during the budget announcement was any mention of cuts to councilor’s perks such as credit card expense accounts or parking passes (apparently given even to councilors who don’t even drive) nor scaling back of raises in their salaries which would have been a great gesture especially in light of the number of union contracts coming up for renewal in the next year or two.

“Again we have witnessed a regime taking the easy way out by abusing the poor taxpayer who after this latest tax increase may just have to turn in the keys to their home. Where is the vision in that?” states JP Pampena, mayoral candidate. “Where is the restraint and belt-tightening? Where are the real cuts necessary to combat the foolish and extravagant spending that has been going on far too long under this regime?” exclaims Mr. Pampena.

Unlike the other mayoral candidates who can only point out the shortfalls of this administration but offer none of their own solution, under his leadership, Mr. Pampena, vows a whole new approach to Toronto’s fiscal woes through creative and innovative ways to generate ongoing revenue for the city and lessen the burden on the taxpayers.

PR Agent Calls For A Truce Between the TTC and Its Riders

Toronto - Feb. 10 2010 - With the volatile situation brewing between the TTC and its riders, JP Pampena, PR agent, says it’s time for the public and its transit drivers to call a truce and encourages both parties to focus their energies instead on improving relations and the delivery of service.

“To the public I say let’s put the cameras and disrespectful behaviour away and to the drivers I say do your job and show respect for the riding public,” states Mr. Pampena.

As one way to improve relations with the public, from a PR point-of-view, Mr. Pampena offers the TTC the suggestion to establish a free TTC day for its riders which will be funded by its drivers giving up one day of pay in return (great idea for the upcoming Family Day). This would go a long way for the TTC in re-establishing goodwill with its customers.

In addition, the TTC needs to get serious about improving their employees’ customer service techniques and to start this process, Mr. Pampena suggests they should immediately incorporate workshops on PR and customer service etiquette for all its employees. For example, on the issue of drivers making unscheduled stops for a washroom brake, proper etiquette would dictate that the driver simply inform his passengers of the reason for the stop. This simple rule would go a long way to showing passengers that they are appreciated and not simply looked upon as nameless, faceless cargo.

Mr. Pampena also believes that the TTC needs to improve its image with the public and to accomplish this recommends instituting a “TTC Driver of the Month” award which should then be broadcast to the media and the general public to show that not all TTC drivers are bad apples as perceived by the public.

“What the last couple of weeks has revealed is the dissatisfaction of the public with the transit system they rely upon. We need to stop all the finger-pointing and instead concentrate our efforts on improving the system as a whole,” states Mr. Pampena

Politicians Show Their True Colours

Toronto - Jan. 22 2010 - JP Pampena, “the Man With the Vision” and Toronto mayoral candidate, was in attendance yesterday January 21, 2010 at the Ultra Supper Club for the “Campaign for Haiti” fundraiser organized by Trustee Rob Davis and Deb Lewis.

JP commends both Mr. Davis and Ms. Lewis on their efforts in planning this event to help the devastated people of Haiti. But Mr. Pampena was very disappointed that a majority of our City Hall politicians did not even bother to show up to support the cause.

“They should be ashamed of themselves,” states Mr. Pampena. “This once again proves that the majority of our politicians are all mouth and no action when it really counts.”

Mayoral Candidate Makes His Own Appeal On Behalf of the People of Haiti

Toronto - Jan 15 2010 - JP Pampena, “the Man With the Vision” and Toronto mayoral candidate, extends his sincere condolences to the people of Haiti and to the many Toronto families with relatives in the earthquake-stricken country. In addition, Mr. Pampena wishes to express his sympathy to the families of our fellow Canadians who have unfortunately lost their lives while trying to help others in that country.

Mr. Pampena and his family will be leading by example by making their own contribution f=and encourage all fellow Torontonians to also do the same by opening their hearts and their wallets to help with the relief efforts for the poor families of Haiti.

“I call upon all Torontonians to show their compassion and solidarity with the Haitian people by contributing whatever they can afford in order to help Haiti and its people rebuild their lives,” states Mr. Pampena. “And with the Canadian government promising to match individual contributions, we here in Toronto who have so much to offer can certainly give a little that would mean so much to those whose lives have been shattered by this tragedy.”

Mr. Pampena goes on to state that he hopes Torontonians will step up to show the world how much we care for the less fortunate in times of great need such as this. Mr. Pampena would also like to commend the media for their dedication in covering this tragedy and keeping us informed on the progress of relief efforts being extended to Haiti.