Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mayoral Candidate Makes His Own Appeal On Behalf of the People of Haiti

Toronto - Jan 15 2010 - JP Pampena, “the Man With the Vision” and Toronto mayoral candidate, extends his sincere condolences to the people of Haiti and to the many Toronto families with relatives in the earthquake-stricken country. In addition, Mr. Pampena wishes to express his sympathy to the families of our fellow Canadians who have unfortunately lost their lives while trying to help others in that country.

Mr. Pampena and his family will be leading by example by making their own contribution f=and encourage all fellow Torontonians to also do the same by opening their hearts and their wallets to help with the relief efforts for the poor families of Haiti.

“I call upon all Torontonians to show their compassion and solidarity with the Haitian people by contributing whatever they can afford in order to help Haiti and its people rebuild their lives,” states Mr. Pampena. “And with the Canadian government promising to match individual contributions, we here in Toronto who have so much to offer can certainly give a little that would mean so much to those whose lives have been shattered by this tragedy.”

Mr. Pampena goes on to state that he hopes Torontonians will step up to show the world how much we care for the less fortunate in times of great need such as this. Mr. Pampena would also like to commend the media for their dedication in covering this tragedy and keeping us informed on the progress of relief efforts being extended to Haiti.

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