Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PR Agent Calls For A Truce Between the TTC and Its Riders

Toronto - Feb. 10 2010 - With the volatile situation brewing between the TTC and its riders, JP Pampena, PR agent, says it’s time for the public and its transit drivers to call a truce and encourages both parties to focus their energies instead on improving relations and the delivery of service.

“To the public I say let’s put the cameras and disrespectful behaviour away and to the drivers I say do your job and show respect for the riding public,” states Mr. Pampena.

As one way to improve relations with the public, from a PR point-of-view, Mr. Pampena offers the TTC the suggestion to establish a free TTC day for its riders which will be funded by its drivers giving up one day of pay in return (great idea for the upcoming Family Day). This would go a long way for the TTC in re-establishing goodwill with its customers.

In addition, the TTC needs to get serious about improving their employees’ customer service techniques and to start this process, Mr. Pampena suggests they should immediately incorporate workshops on PR and customer service etiquette for all its employees. For example, on the issue of drivers making unscheduled stops for a washroom brake, proper etiquette would dictate that the driver simply inform his passengers of the reason for the stop. This simple rule would go a long way to showing passengers that they are appreciated and not simply looked upon as nameless, faceless cargo.

Mr. Pampena also believes that the TTC needs to improve its image with the public and to accomplish this recommends instituting a “TTC Driver of the Month” award which should then be broadcast to the media and the general public to show that not all TTC drivers are bad apples as perceived by the public.

“What the last couple of weeks has revealed is the dissatisfaction of the public with the transit system they rely upon. We need to stop all the finger-pointing and instead concentrate our efforts on improving the system as a whole,” states Mr. Pampena

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