Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mayor Miller Once Again Sticking It To The Taxpayers of Toronto

Toronto - Feb. 17 2010 - It comes as no surprise that Toronto’s 2010 budget unveiled yesterday by exiting Mayor Miller means taxpayers have to once again pony up with another tax increase. Once again, Torontonians have been subjected to a reckless council whose only solution to balancing the budget is to attack the wallets of already overburdened taxpayers.

Once again, we have been delivered a budget with no ingenuity, no budget cuts, no claw back of councilor pay increases and perks, no long term planning, and no thinking outside the box at all. It’s just another feeding frenzy for an unimaginative and irresponsible administration headed by an arrogant Mayor with a tax and spend agenda.

What we did not hear during the budget announcement was any mention of cuts to councilor’s perks such as credit card expense accounts or parking passes (apparently given even to councilors who don’t even drive) nor scaling back of raises in their salaries which would have been a great gesture especially in light of the number of union contracts coming up for renewal in the next year or two.

“Again we have witnessed a regime taking the easy way out by abusing the poor taxpayer who after this latest tax increase may just have to turn in the keys to their home. Where is the vision in that?” states JP Pampena, mayoral candidate. “Where is the restraint and belt-tightening? Where are the real cuts necessary to combat the foolish and extravagant spending that has been going on far too long under this regime?” exclaims Mr. Pampena.

Unlike the other mayoral candidates who can only point out the shortfalls of this administration but offer none of their own solution, under his leadership, Mr. Pampena, vows a whole new approach to Toronto’s fiscal woes through creative and innovative ways to generate ongoing revenue for the city and lessen the burden on the taxpayers.

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