Wednesday, February 17, 2010

City of Toronto May Be Heading to the Stock Market

Toronto - Jan15, 2010 - One of the biggest challenges that the next Mayor of Toronto will face will be tackling the city’s growing deficit which is currently estimated at 3 billion dollars and growing.

For “The Man With the Vision”, JP Pampena, executive vice president of JP Public Relations Inc. the answer to this challenge requires thinking outside the box for new and innovative ideas. For Mr. Pampena, one of the solutions may just be listing the City of Toronto on the Stock Market.

“According to my initial inquiries with key contacts at the Toronto Stock Exchange, they verified that there was nothing under their TSX regulations that would prohibit the City from being listed. This would be a tremendous boost to Toronto as a way of raising billions and billions of dollars of revenue to make our city one of the richest cities in the world,” states Mr. Pampena.

For Mr. Pampena, being a city flush with cash would definitely raise Toronto’s status as a world-class city but more importantly would be a way to ensure residents receive all the necessary services they expect from their city government without having to endure tax increases year after year.

Our media friends may look forward to the release of periodic updates from the JP for Mayor Campaign outlining Mr. Pampena’s vision for a New Toronto and the solutions to the issues facing our city. For further comments from “The Man With the Vision”, please contact the offices of JP Public Relations Inc. at 416-638-4995.